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7 Reasons to Buy A Refurbished Laptop

Most refurbished laptops are equipped with a matte display with better viewing angles than new laptops at a comparable (or even higher) price ...

7 Reasons to Buy A Refurbished Laptop

When buying a laptop, one must make several decisions. Choosing your operating system, laptop brand, screen size or technical specifications is not easy at all. Why should you include refurbished laptops in your decision-making?

1. Refurbished laptops will last for years

The range of refurbished notebooks and computers usually includes models of the highest quality, 365 Techies specialise in refurbishing business quality laptops, often with an original cost of over £1000. These models are made of high-quality materials, have durable hinges, good cooling, wide connectivity and other features you won’t find in cheaper laptops.

 2. Increased comfort of use

Most refurbished laptops are equipped with a matte display with better viewing angles than new laptops at a comparable (or even higher) price level. In addition, the owner of a refurbished notebook can enjoy the high comfort of typing on a keyboard, which is usually better optimized, either by layout, key quality (on which letters are not scratched even after years of intensive use), backlighting or resistance to wear. In addition, the business range notebook models have better heat dissipation, so if you’re used to having your laptop on your knees, for example, you won’t feel a warm laptop after just a few minutes.

3. Better availability of spare parts and service

Refurbished  Dell,  laptops have a longer life cycle than conventional low-cost laptops. This means that if necessary, a new power adapter, docking station or spare battery can be easily retrieved. You can also easily upgrade RAM, replace hard disks, or other hardware .

4. Wide range of notebook accessories

Buying a refurbished laptop, however, can be beneficial not only from the financial side of things. In fact, sellers of refurbished equipment usually do not focus only on one type of technique. In addition to laptops, they also offer remanufactured Dell Desktop PC’s, eventually memory cards, cases for laptops and more. You can also get additional technology or accessories at a great price, especially if the seller adds something free to the laptop. 

5. Full warranty

If the lower price attracts you, but you cannot overcome the natural prejudice that something used must be worse than new, this is not the case. The Laptops we supply are high end business laptops, original built with the best and highest quality components. A remanufactured notebook is guaranteed for twelve months, the same as a new one. Its length depends on the specific seller – in our ITzoo the warranty period for all goods is 1 year, which is the standard warranty period when buying a new device, we are so confident about the quality of our laptops that we also offer extended warranties on most laptop, computers too.

6. A refurbished notebook will delight your eco-minded self

Just a few years ago, an argument that would not weigh anyone. However, efforts to protect nature are on the rise, and every effort is made to minimize pollution in the environment in which we live. Making notebooks (and especially parts such as a processor, screen or batteries) is not environmentally friendly. Buying a refurbished laptop, however, puts used products into circulation, so if you do care about the environment, you can get one without remorse.

7. You save considerable money

The most compelling reason for anyone buying a refurbished laptop is probably the price. And it must be acknowledged that this is a convincing argument. The prices of refurbished equipment (in addition to laptops, you can buy refurbished computers, tablets, smartphones or monitors) are generally significantly lower than new devices. By buying a refurbished notebook you can save hundreds of pounds as standard. Buying refurbished gets you more bang for your buck!

In the end

If you have previously considered a remanufactured laptop to be too risky to buy, we believe we’ve changed your mind. Refurbished technology has undergone rigorous checks and would fully pass even the strictest test. In addition, for your remanufactured laptop for not only your wallet, but also the environment. 365 Techies are proud to be a Dell Refurbisher, . Finally, the one-year warranty we provide on all technology should dispel the last remnants of your doubts.

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