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Refurbishing a laptop

Refurbishing a laptop Step by Step Guide

In this guide we will cover the steps you will need to take while refurbishing a laptop with Windows 11

Tools needed

  • You will need a small Phillips screwdriver
  • USB memory stick 4Gb+

Parts needed

  • 2.5″ SSD hard drive 120Gb+

Replacing the hard drive

Older laptops are usually fitted with an old SATA hard drive, these are much slower than the new SDD hard drives available today. As we are completely refurbishing a laptop, it’s best practice to fit a new SSD hard drive. To change the hard drive over you will need to look for a cover which has screws keeping it in place on the under side of the laptop. Remove these screws and open the cover to show the hard drive and usually memory as well.

There will be some small screws holding the hard drive in place, remove these screws and unplug the old hard drive and replace with your new SSD hard drive. 

BIOS Settings

When turning the laptop on  press the ‘F2’ key to enter the BIOS. Now you are in the BIOS find boot settings and change these to UEFI instead of Legacy Boot. Go to Security and enable TPM and Secure Boot.

To complete Save settings and exit.

For laptops that don’t have UEFI, TPM, Secure boot See Refurbishing a laptop – USB Memory stick

USB Memory stick

Download Windows 11 ISO image Click here

Use the Microsoft tools to create your USB bootable memory stick

Laptops that don’t have UEFI, TPM, Secure boot use Rufus to create your USB Memory stick Download Rufus Here

Installing Windows 11

Turn the laptop on with your USB bootable memory stick plug into the laptop, When the Dell logo is shown press the ‘F12’ key to choose which device to boot from, select your USB memory stick from the list shown on screen.

Updating your laptop - Refurbishing a laptop

Once Windows 11 is installed and connected to the internet goto Settings and click on Windows Update, download all the updates you may need to reboot the laptop a few times. 

Dell laptops download Dell SupportAssist here and run all the tasks to download the latest drivers and tune up your laptop. HP laptops download HP Support Assist Here

Conclusion - Refurbishing a Laptop

Refurbishing a laptop is a good thing to do, saving our planet by refurbishing a laptop instead of putting it in a land fill.

With damaged laptops you may wish to replace the damaged parts, most parts are available on eBay.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

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