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Windows 11 Upgrades

Get ready for Windows 11

A Step-By-Step Roadmap Upgrading To Windows 11

It’s been five years since Windows 10 was released, and if your device is from back then or before, you’re missing out on the delight that comes from a more modern PC. At 365 Techies we will upgrade your  PC allowing you to take advantage of the latest Windows 11 features. Windows 11 will become available October 5.

Release Date-
5th October 2021
Windows 11 checker

Check for compatibility

Use the PC Health Check app to see if your PC can run Windows 11.

Check your computer for compatibility, We can do this for you during a service, if your computer fails the compatibility check we recommend your computer will need re setting up. *details below.

Information on compatibility
TPM 2.0 is required to run Windows 11, as an important building block for security-related features. TPM 2.0 is used in Windows 11 for a number of features, including Windows Hello for identity protection and BitLocker for data protection. In some cases, PCs that are capable of running TPM 2.0 are not set up to do so. TPM is enabled in the Bios settings. so we recommend that you check your PC manufacturer’s support information or contact your support organization 365 Techies Ltd.
What is a TPM?
TPM is a security technology that increases the system security against software vulnerabilities.
What does TPM protect against?
The TPM is a cryptographic module that enhances computer security and privacy. Protecting data through encryption and decryption, protecting authentication credentials, and proving which software is running on a system are basic functionalities associated with computer security.
Computer not compatible
If you see a message saying a “Compatible TPM cannot be found,” your PC may have a TPM that is disabled.
Don’t worry 365 can fix it!
What happens next?
We will connect remotely to see if we can resolve the issue.
If we can’t resolve the issue…..
Computer will need to be brought in for a re setup and installation of Windows 11
Re setup of operating system to enable TPM 2.0 to work and install Windows 11
£100 with a 25% discount for anyone on our support £75
£10 Collection and delivery 
Requirements to complete the job
Computer must have an SSD
Will need to upgrade to an SSD if they have an old slow hard drive-Cost £100 with a 25% discount for anyone on our support £75  Plus cost of SSD

Five Windows 11 features to get excited about

It all starts with your computer

Your computer, in whatever form factor you prefer, is what you carry around or see every day on your desk. It delivers on your needs and makes a statement about who you are. And you get to choose whatever format works best for you : laptop, custom desktop, 2-in-1 tablet, and more. There is a variety of device types, perfect for a variety of lifestyles.

Once you turn on your computer, what’s important is how easily you can interact with it to get things done. Family, friends, obsessions, music, creations—Windows 11 is the one place for it all. With a fresh new feel and tools that make it easier to be efficient, Windows 11 has what you need for whatever’s next.

  1. A simpler way to stay in touch. With Chat from Microsoft Teams, you can connect to friends and family from your PC regardless of what computer or phone or tablet they are using—iOS, Android, PC or Mac. Built right into the Windows taskbar, you can use Microsoft Teams to connect for free via video and phone calls or chat—no need to look at your phone. Using a real keyboard to text? Yes please! Windows 11 makes connecting really easy.1
  2. Intuitive navigation, easy organization. There’s enough chaos and clutter in the world—you don’t need more when it comes to your PC. With Windows 11, the user experience has been simplified. It’s a clean, fresh design that is new, yet immediately familiar. Front and centre is the ability to search for anything, anywhere. It’s streamlined, intuitive, and revolves around you.
  3. Bring balance to your desktop. Do you fumble through your open windows and apps to find what you’re looking for? You can group and organize open windows and easily pivot between them with the groundbreaking multi-tasking tool, Snap Assist. Effortless to use—just drag windows to the edge of the screen to activate in just a few clicks.
  4. Wonderful world of widgets. Your favorite photos, weather, the world news, stocks, and more. Widgets help you find content that matters to you. The information you want, right at your fingertips, widgets are great ways to get bite-sized moments of news, entertainment, and more throughout your day.
  5. Innovative devices and features. We know there are things you love about your phone and tablet. And we worked to provide those and more on your PC. We’ve made enhancements to touch, voice, and pen inputs. We partnered with the smartest and most trusted brands to bring you a variety of devices so you can have the choices you’ve come to expect from Windows. New Windows devices are more versatile, more capable, and easier for you to use—however you want to use them.

Will our five favorite Windows 11 features be your favorites too? Once you power on your new device and start using Windows 11, you might have a hard time choosing only five. But you’ll never know if you don’t make the jump, so stop missing out and book your Windows 11 upgrade after October 5 2021.

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